Often, people will exalt the glory of modern times by citing the marvelous technological progress we have made. Not only has it made life very convenient, technology can be used to save the Earth. For example, we now have paperless banking and bills and what not. This can be used to save trees.

I disagree.

Technology that is used to increase convenience for us without a consideration for justice is fundamentally a tool of violence. If we save time by using a blender to make our frappe instead of doing it manually, some person in China slaves away for hours at a terrible pay and in awful conditions to make that happen. Energy is conserved. We cannot save it without someone else picking up the slack.

This is my application for a visa to a first-world nation.


The whole application procedure is online we save so much paper that way, except that there is so little trust left in the world that they ask for your entire life history in order to allow you to travel in their country for 3 weeks. I remember visa applications in my earlier and technologically backward days where paper was being wasted left right and center. You had to submit your passport and maybe 3-4 pages of documentation. It used to take a lot longer because the embassy would do the work of verifying your papers. Now, all they want is money and your entire life on paper. So it is faster. But it is faster because the time that is saved is offset by the amount we lean on nature. It takes a lot more paper and a lot more money which is essentially effort we have expended in our (almost certainly exploitative) employment. So the technological “progress” has done nothing. It has caused us to expend more natural resources and lull ourselves into a belief that things have got easier. This is nothing but confusion.


Progress will come when we learn to trust each other. The road to progress for our generation is inward. That is where the solutions lie. As long as we seek progress outside of ourselves, we will cause more devastation than ever.

I realize that this is basically a rant. I am excited for my travels but honestly, the price that the Earth is paying for our adventures is starting to become prohibitively expensive.




  1. I absolutely agree with you. Technology is not only creating confusion, but it is completely messing up every natural phenomenon. Also people are forgetting that they have brains and in it they have common sense. It’s a dismal end we’re headed towards if unless we all try and ask ourselves what we’re doing. If I started about this it would be too much to talk about.
    So basically I agree with you. Thanks for the post.

  2. It’s not possible to live without harming somebody else. You drive your car, you pollute, you go to the loo, you make the rivers worse, you purchase something, you maybe contributing to modern slavery, you eat, drink water etc., somebody, somewhere is getting buggered. Thinking about all this will make you go nuts. It (almost?) made me go nuts. So, do yourself a favour, stop thinking, go farming. Then you can leave guilt free, as you squash some bugs, kill some plants and make he planet warmer (by farting methane). As for trust, we’ll always distrust each other (to some extent, at least), humans have to build, fear, distrust and prejudice of the other is hardwired in us. So, go on the internet and rant some more, at least there, fear and distrust and prejudice is just the furious tappity-tap of crappy keyboards.

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