See Through

Seen but not seen

down the twisting ravine

the sun on the ocean floor

does the clear lake see

the sky?

the substanceĀ of soul

the mirrors of life go by

beyond pain and grief

the pool of water clear

nothing to veil, naught to hide

a white swan onĀ emerald blue does glide

here is me, all of me

unspeakable me, unspeakable light

no form, no shape, no possession, no wealth

full disclosure, is the perfect stealth

All Is Me

WP_000610WP_000612I walk through

The blue skies
Wide open streets
A group of leaves
Perform a dance on
The cold concrete
The colorful houses
Whisper to each other
Across the breeze
Sounds of the crisp san Francisco
A baby croons behind a window
All is me
Intense clouds above a
Wooden house
The vista opens out
Pines on the top of the hill
Quietly shine in the light
All is silence

All is me

– On November 1, 2014
Day Long Mindfulness Retreat at aMuse Studio, The Mission, SF